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The Political Sciences, in principle, the power relations between different types of authority and individuals. The professional who graduated from this career will carry out advice, studies, and research related to the power relations between authorities and individuals, groups, organizations, and structures, and the procedures and processes through which political decisions are made. Why study Political Science? Political Science studies the power relations between different types of authority and individuals.

Why study Political Science?

It is a career that allows you to acquire broad knowledge in various branches related to politics, such as Public Administration, Economy Politics, Philosophy Politics, Diplomacy, International relations, and many more. Few careers will give you such a wide and varied bag of knowledge.

What job opportunity does Political Science have?

A degree in Political Science will open the doors to a highly varied career path. Many of the options tend to pay well and can provide you with the satisfaction of using your critical thinking skills.

Do you want to study political science?

Once you finish your studies, your acquired knowledge will allow you to carry out a position in the local, regional or national government.

You can also act as an analyst or advisor

Many renowned companies and even NGOs hire political analysts to consult them on the national or international political situation, to adapt their steps to follow with the political rhythm of the places where they operate. Many political parties, legislators and candidates also have their permanent political advisers. This is one of the main, as well as being the most profitable and interesting, political science job opportunities.

On the other hand, it will be possible for you to work as a teacher or teacher in both private and public schools and universities. This will depend on the degree of studies you have since it will be necessary to have a doctorate to teach classes or be a researcher in some countries.

Another of the usual outlets for professionals in Political Science is to enter the world of diplomacy. Some prefer to extend their studies to international relations, although it is not strictly necessary for the most part. Many times, entry into each country’s diplomatic corps requires continuing studies with a, particularly necessary program.

In addition to these options, anyone who has studied Political Science can pursue a career in journalism.

The Bachelor of Political Science

Carry out the design of institutions and organizations through which political decisions are made and evaluate their operation.

  • Carry out political diagnoses.
  • Participate in the various public and private policy management processes.
  • Carry out diagnoses and advise on issues related to international relations.
  • Carry out political analysis and public opinion studies.
  • Participate in the management of political campaigns.
  • Interpret, advise and evaluate messages and speeches of a political nature.

Why study Political Science?

  1. Because you are passionate about politics.
  2. Because every time you listen to a political speech, you cannot stop analyzing it and finding its subliminal messages in it.
  3. Because you live analyzing and researching society’s needs and what are the political measures that could remedy them.
  4. Because you are organized, you like to plan and you are persistent with your work.
  5. Because you don’t want to be the main character in a story, but the one who drives real change.
  6. Because you believe that the only way to resolve social conflicts, be they national, international or between groups of nations, is through well-applied politics.
  7. Because you know that everything is related to Political Science.
  8. Because it has a wide and interesting job opportunity, of which you can be the protagonist or the “voice of conscience.”
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