By blank cheque template, one might feel that this is some kind of scam and fake thing which should be avoided. Well, this is not about forging a financial instrument. These blank cheque templates are used worldwide for certain purposes. The purpose of these blank cheque templates is not to do fraud or mislead people, in fact these templates are used by business for different reasons. One of the biggest reasons of downloading high quality big cheques is for event purposes where cheques are distributed for performance appraisals and promotional purposes. The big template of the small original cheque is a great way to get attention of the viewers. We will discuss the uses of these blank cheque templates downloadable from in detail in coming paragraphs.

Uses of the blank cheque templates:

There are several uses of these cheque templates and few of them are enlisted here:

  • For official uses i.e. for creating exclusive brand cheque books
  • For fun activities especially for children and teenagers at school
  • For learning purposes, to be published in books
  • For informative purposes, to be used in blogs
  • For promotional purposes, used in official events

Keeping in view the above-mentioned uses of the blank cheques, it can be said that there is no fraudulent activity and there is no harm in using these template cheques from As finance and money is involved, care should always be taken and these templates should not be used for wrong doings because the consequences would be beyond the expectations. There are very strict laws for such frauds. You should limit yourself to the authenticated use of the blank cheque templates when you are downloading them for free from the internet because otherwise you might end up facing serious punishments.

Using these templates for learning purposes:

You might have seen certain templates published in books for learning purposes. If you are a mentor and want to teach your students about how to use the cheques and what are the main features of these cheques, you can download the free version of these cheques from the internet and can take several prints to distribute these to the students. You can use these templates to educate the students in following ways:

  • Teach them on how to fill the cheque and what is the importance of every box which is required to be filled.
  • Similarly, you can guide them about the importance of signature with the banks. Its consistency must be explained, and ways should be told on how to keep your signature safe from fraudulent activities.
  • Use the cheque template to educate the students about the process involved in banks
  • Educate them about the validity of the cheque as regard to the date which should be mentioned, because after a certain period of time cheques expire
  • Similarly, you can use templates of different financial instruments to teach your students in an easy manner

Benefits of using the cheque templates:

There are many benefits which are associated with the use of these blank cheque templates. You can always keep them with you in soft form and can use them wherever and whenever you want. These offer real enjoyment when these are used for fun activities. No doubt, a banker can tell the difference between fake and original cheque. However, when these are used for fun activities and you are doing tricks for non-fraudulent purposes, it would be extremely difficult for the audience to differentiate these fake cheques from the original ones. These are easy to take with you and you need not to worry about the space they would take as these can be kept in soft forms and can be printed whenever required.

If you are planning to publish a book related to finance, you might need to show a template cheque to your student. You can easily download such a template cheque from and can print it in your book for as many times as you want. The size, format and shape of the cheque is highly customizable, and you can manage it as per your requirements.

Using these fake cheques for events:

Have you ever attended an event where you saw a big cheque been presented to a person? These are obviously not the real cheques, and these are not either designed by designers. Companies are able to download the template cheques easily from the internet without a hassle and can print them on large scale because of the good quality file. The best part of these fake cheques is that these can be stretched to a good extent without losing the quality of the image. These are best to be used for promotional events, prize distribution ceremonies and annual functions of the offices where appraisals are to be announced. In addition to that, these are used on property expos where large amount cheques are shown to general public in this way.

Things to consider while downloading these fake cheques:

As mentioned earlier, you should be very clear that these fake cheques are not designed for fraudulent purposes and these should always be used for the designated purposes only. You should always keep in your mind that these cannot be used for real purposes as the bank officer would take no time in identifying the legality of the document. Always be safe and use these template blank cheques either for fun purpose, educational reasons or for events.

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