Car protection tips

The constant exchange of information between the vehicle and its environment is leaving an open door for cybercriminals to sneak into our car.

That today’s cars are becoming safer, is a reality. And so we can check it when the results of the EuroNCAP crash tests are published. Cars have multiple safety systems capable of avoiding accidents and, should they occur, protect the occupants as much as possible.

The digitization and automation of cars have made it easier and more comfortable to drive a car. However, this process requires a constant exchange of information between the vehicle and its environment. It is right there where cybercriminals sneak into vehicles and take control, endangering their occupants.

For this reason, we must take a series of precautions, as with computers, to protect them and enjoy all the comforts that our car offers us without fear. The Spanish cybersecurity company All4Sec offers the following tips to prevent our car from suffering a cyberattack.

Our Car Is Not Saved, It Is Vulnerable

Car safety tips

No car is immune to being tampered with, however, depending on the degree of digitization of our car, it will present more or less of an attack surface for criminals. The only way to reduce it is by understanding that there are parts that may be vulnerable and keeping an eye on their behavior.

Always Up To Date

Most of the time, software updates are created to plug serious cybersecurity holes, especially in systems that are attractive to cybercriminals. Make sure to keep your car’s software up to date with the versions provided by the manufacturer.

Be Careful With Usb For The Car

USB devices are the most common Trojan horses when it comes to installing malicious software on our devices. Thus, it is essential to run the antivirus for any USB device that we plan to connect to our car.

Wifi And Bluetooth Off

Remember, all connections are gateways and gateways. Even if we have our car updated with the latest software versions, it is not worth taking unnecessary risks. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use. Also do not forget to control to whom you offer the Wi-Fi service of your vehicle.

Keep An Eye On Downloads

The Smartphone is assuming more and more functions that were previously fulfilled by other devices, such as the control of the car. But comfort should not make us lower our guard. Always watch what programs and applications you download, one of them could be a Trojan horse to gain control of your car.

Control Your Keys

We are talking about preventing our signal from being stolen. This is a very basic step and yet extremely important, especially as more functions of the car are controlled from the key. Although there are many ways to do it, the simplest is when we press the button to open and close the doors. The only way to avoid it is to lock and unlock the car with the key in those places that we do not consider safe.

Protect The Controller When You Don’t Use It

This step is an evolution of the previous one. In the end, there is only one way to guarantee that they do not take control of your car: putting it in a place from which cybercriminals cannot access the signal. Luckily, today they sell specialized bags that fulfill that function and will prevent someone from “accidentally” duplicating our control.

Beware Of Obd2

The OBD2 is an accessible communication port in the car that allows diagnosing, programming, or coding the multiple electronic devices of the vehicle. Therefore, it is very important to know where it is and what is connected to it. Some of the insurance companies, for example, offer devices that connect to OBD2 to study driving habits and thus adapt the price of their insurance. The responsible driver could lower the cost of the policy, however, it could also provide a very tempting back door for cybercriminals.

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