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If I remember correctly, I think it was Winston Churchill who once said that democracy was a bad government system, but that everyone else was even worse. Indeed, a political system of parliamentary democracy has many flaws, but there is nothing better to replace it. And since parliamentary democracy is the best political system available to us, but it suffers from visible defects, I think it is good to highlight them, not to scold it, but to improve it. Let’s discover why should I care about politics?

Should I care about politics?

I am not a politician, but I like and am interested in politics. Just as I like music, but I don’t know how to play the piano, violin, or guitar. I like going to concerts, I appreciate when the orchestra plays well or plays poorly, but I cannot put myself in its place.

Politics determines the welfare or misfortune of many people

Due to our intellectual training, due to their economic position, we can live regardless of the successes or the follies of politicians due to their social relationships. We are quite self-sufficient. But there are many people, millions of people, who have not been given the opportunity of an intellectual formation, who lack a patrimony, whose contacts with the circles of power are very weak or non-existent.

His life is marked for better or for worse, by the decisions of the politicians. Africans intend to cross the strait in the hands of the mafias, employed workers who have no other personal resource than their workforce. The many women, single or married, whom society has not been good enough to endow with individual autonomy, are highly conditioned by the political decisions of the society in which they live. Politics conditions the good or bad living of many people.

Politics is the instrument to implement justice

I am not referring to justice, which, when I studied Moral at the Faculty of Theology, was called commutative justice: each his own. I am referring to social justice. To correct the social imbalances generated when the market is allowed to be the only instrument for allocating resources and distributing wealth. The market creates wealth. It is sufficiently demonstrated by experience. The market does not distribute it but concentrates it. It is the function and mission of politics, not to eliminate the market, but to do everything that the market does not do, nor will it ever do: balance, mitigate social imbalances.

Politics looks to the future more than to the past, even to the present

The past is a matter for historians. This is a matter for the technicians. The future is the business of politicians. Societies need a historical horizon to which to turn. There is always a horizon beyond. As much as we move towards it, the horizon is always to be reached. Politics is the instrument of the historical progress of human societies. There is always a better world than the one we have. It is the mission of politics to glimpse that future and provide society with the means to walk towards it.

For these three reasons, when I see the protagonists of politics acting, I cannot help but be deeply disappointed. Their language is poor. It is filled with thick words of discredit towards any other politician of another tendency. It is disappointing to see them say, “we are the only ones who do things well. Everyone else does them badly.” No, this is not what citizens can expect from politicians. A little more reasoning.

A certain explanation of the reasons themselves. A little more modesty and realism. No one does it all right, nor does anyone do it all wrong. Sometimes I have the impression of the story of Little Red Riding Hood. She was totally good. The wolf was totally bad. I think they would have more credibility if they recognized some success to the adversary from time to time. Someone will have, I say. And from time to time, they will recognize their own error, and some will have I say.

Then I would feel much more satisfied, like when I hear a good concert in the theater. I don’t know how to play the piano, but I appreciate it when the concert is good and not.

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