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If the world of politics fascinates you and you want to be a part of it, you should know how to hold an election rally. The anxiety of speaking in public, the fear of forgetting the key points of the speech, the fear of making a bad impression, and being challenged or judged negatively are some of the reasons why this short guide will be useful to you.

How to hold an election rally?

Whatever the projects, the ideology, and the orientation, the heart of the electoral rally are represented by the speeches, or what the candidate says, and how he approaches the audience of potential supporters.

Although spontaneity is synonymous with authenticity, improvisation cannot be contemplated in politics. Voters need concreteness, to listen to logical and coherent speeches in which projects and ideas are very clear.

This is why, before going on stage to ‘ask for votes’, it is important to set up an outline with the main points to be covered.

But be careful not to use the ladder too rigidly

The listeners’ reaction cannot be ignored, so pay attention to widespread and general signs of impatience and/or distraction.

You must be able to grasp the messages that, more or less unconsciously, send you from the audience, correct the course, and make the right changes to your oratory performance to regain the audience’s concentration.

Before writing down a draft speech, the first step is to analyze the audience: average age, area of ​​origin, social background, etc. The suggestion, in this sense, is: write based on the target of people you are addressing.

The speech

We have already highlighted the importance of words during a meeting. So, we will provide you with a series of suggestions and tips to make them effective in this paragraph. The fundamental prerequisite for making a speech persuasive, to whatever area it refers, is to structure it based on the objective. In this specific case, the ultimate goal of the speaker is to win the trust of the public and get votes.

Strange as it may seem, since the goal is summarized and resumed in the final part, it is advisable to start writing the speech starting from the conclusions. Whichever way you decide to conclude, remember to insert a call to action, the so-called call to action.

Body of speech

The central part of the speech contains the arguments or why voters should vote for you. In presenting projects and programs, try to avoid being too focused on yourself; try to link a possible vote to resolve collective problems.


Making a speech effective for an eventual election means making sure that the program matches the needs of the voters.

The introduction is a very important part of the speech, the one in which the candidate captures the audience’s interest and induces them to stay in the square to listen to the rest.

It is important to avoid being too lengthy and risk boring the public with useless and smoky turns of phrase. To get the public’s attention from the very first words, there are various strategies; one of the most effective is to start with a few questions.

How to work in political marketing?

In most cases, political marketing is managed by specialized profiles. This is why in this post and explaining how a meeting is held, we will show you the way to follow to enter the sector. The program of the master in politics includes the following topics:

  • The political system and the mass media
  • Political-electoral marketing
  • Communication in the election campaign
  • Web and Social media for politics
  • Management of the election campaign
  • Organization of events
  • Political and/or institutional press office
  • Public speaking techniques
  • Press conference
  • Fundraising techniques

At the end of the specialization course, students will have learned the skills to set up political promotion strategies and organize and manage an electoral campaign.

Learners will also be able to manage the promotional activity on social networks. Manage all forms of communication aimed at a winning positioning on the political market. Create a political event. Organize fundraising campaigns; coordinate the press office. Take care of institutional relations.

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