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Many do not know that a candidacy is prepared months, even years, before the election you are aiming for. How to get involved in local politics? Your political career requires planting work which I will explain to you in detail. In the United States, those thinking of running for president start their campaign two years earlier, but with further advance, the candidates begin to be active in a party.

How to get involved in local politics?

Finding a top spot on a political list isn’t easy at all. So close to the elections, many want to run as candidates with the favorite lists. The lists that, on the other hand, have problems in recruiting candidates and get to board anyone are usually the losing lists at the start, with which I advise you not to apply if you want to become a politician. So let’s see how to enter politics through a winning list as a top candidate.

The 3 most effective strategies for getting a candidacy and getting into politics

Below I show you the three best strategies to get into politics, that is, to be a candidate for a quality party or civic list with a very good chance of achieving your goal of a political career. As you will see, each of these strategies requires activities that must be implemented months or years in advance of the electoral campaign. How do you get into politics in a simple way? Let’s start with the first strategy, the easiest.

Get candidates for election from an existing list or party

What to join a party or movement (that from now we will call “list”) existing and already operating in the area is the scenario most coveted by those who say “I want to enter politics” but does not know how it really as a candidate in politics. In this case, your goal is to get noticed by the local lists and have you call, or woo, to enter them. Let’s start from the first assumption: in politics, the number of people you can influence counts.

To be chosen as a candidate on a list, you must therefore show that you have larger numbers than other potential candidates in terms of people you can reach and influence with your message.

Grow your social account

The easiest way to impress list makers is to build a Facebook page with more followers, likes, and comments than your competitors within the same political area. Later in the Handbook, you will see how to build a community in politics.

Attend local associations, starting to make yourself known as a political activist. Remember that people only vote for those they trust. As I always say: we trust who we know while we are afraid of the unknown. By participating in the initiatives of local associations, your name will turn and you will be identified as a socially committed person. Post photos and videos of the events you attend.

Organize your events

When you have a circle of people active on social issues, start organizing events such as book presentations or lectures on those same social issues and post photos of the full room on social media. Then, if those who make the lists see that you can put a good number of people sitting in a room, they will understand that you have become politically influential in the area and will court you to get on the list.

Join a specific party and be active: starting as a militant and making a career

If you don’t want to get on the winner’s band, whatever it is. Still, you have a specific political identity, then you don’t want to be called by anyone to do politics, but you want to enter a specific list that reflects your ideals.

To avoid the way of the pimp, don’t try to make friends with some local politicians by doing them favors. The lackeys are the first to be betrayed. Furthermore, depending on someone else in politics will not guarantee your freedom and your career. The best way to be a candidate on an existing list is to be active in a party and make a career.

Each party is scalable. I have made hundreds of consultations with all the Italian parties and I assure you that each party is scalable. That is, it allows those who truly deserve and do not look for shortcuts to get to the top and be a candidate.

The 3 steps to climb a party from the bottom to the top

1 – Join a political party or movement and its local club: be it a card or an online registration, do it because this matters in politics. Then search online for that political group’s local club or meetup and sign up.

2 – Attends assiduously the party meetings organized by the militants and participates in banquets and initiatives. There are none? Organize them yourself. This will highlight you in front of party members. There is no need to organize large demonstrations. All it takes is banquets in the square, collecting signatures and leaflets.

3 – Be constant over the years. Politics attracts many. Work does not. Most of those who attempt the climb give up within a year. They want everything now, but that’s not how it works in environments that have a real impact on society. I assure you that if you continue even for just one year to attend meetings and participate in initiatives in the area, you will certainly be among the candidates in your party’s elections.

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