It can be scary getting out there in the real world and applying for your first “real” job. You may have had several entry-level type jobs in the past, but now that you’re done with college, you want to apply for jobs that lead to careers.

Here are 5 tips for college grads to land their first IT job.

  1. Tailor Your Resumes

Once you graduate, you are probably going to be looking into several different types of jobs that you might be qualified for. If you have several different skill sets that you want to utilize when you’re applying for jobs, you might want to separate them into slightly different resumes. This way you can really make it look like you specialize specifically in the skill set needed for each type of job. If you don’t have a very long history of work in different fields, then you might only need one resume, but it all depends on where you are applying and what your experience is.

  1. Put Together a Sleek Personal Website

If you really want to look professional, then you need to have a personal website. This is where you can direct employers who want to look more deeply into your portfolio. Most employers want a resume to be no longer than one page, which doesn’t give you much ability to really show off all of your talents. That’s why you want to have a beautifully designed website that highlights all of your skills and experience in-depth.

  1. Censor Your Social Media Pages

If you have photos of yourself from college up on your social media feeds that depict you engaging in any kind of explicit activity, then you want to make sure to take those down as soon as possible. Also, if you have any photos of yourself looking immature or unprofessional in any way, you want to take those down, too. You may even want to edit captions and comments that might be perceived as immature or hostile. If you have trouble knowing what may or may not portray you in a bad light, ask someone who is at least 10 years older than you to take a look and make suggestions about what to delete.  Better yet, set your profile to private so that only friends can see your pictures because you don’t want any potential employer to think that you are not mature enough for an open position.

  1. Get Letters of Recommendation

Before you leave college and stop seeing your professors, you want to be sure that you get some letters of recommendation from the professors that you connected with the most. There may be a good chance that they will still remember you in a year or so if you went to a small school, but if you want them to really write something touching and in-depth, then their memory has to be fresh. Plus, employers want to see letters that are from recent relationships.

  1. Research Your Prospective Employer Extensively

Before you even write the cover page of your resume, you want to be sure that you do extensive research on the company that you’re applying to work for. You want to know what their goals are as a business, what they are looking for in employees, and start to think of how you want to frame yourself and your talents accordingly.

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