Kurdistan Regional Government

Representation in the United States.


KRG-US Relations

Kurdistan Region of Iraq

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the U.S. have a strong and deep partnership, as well as the importance of U.S. involvement. The U.S. views the KRG as a vital ally on many levels and is committed to a successful future for the region.

Human Capacity Development

We are trying to help ensure that the right measures are taken to help the people live in peace.

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Certificate of Life

The live the people lead needs to be worth living for and we are trying to bring about the changes they desire.

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Powers of Attorney

The people have given the right to ensure that the people have the right legal access.

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Kurdistan Region

Kurdistan Region is a beautiful place which is mostly untouched by people in the hilly regions of Iraq. It is one of the most beautiful place which attracts adventurers and tourists alike. Experience Kurdistan to learn and enjoy the right tradition of Iraq.

Kurdish Language

Kurdish, the most widely spoken language in the Kurdistan Region, is in the Indo-European family of languages.

The Kurdistan Region’s official languages for government purposes are Kurdish and Arabic.

The two most widely spoken dialects of Kurdish are Sorani and Kurmanji. Other dialects spoken by smaller numbers are Hawrami (also known as Gorani) and Zaza.

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There are a multitude of paths to investment and prosperity in the Kurdistan Region. We are dedicated to advancing the commercial opportunities and interests of the broader U.S business community in our region. The possibilities of investment in the Kurdistan Region are endless.

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They are the group of individuals who like to ensure that the region of Kurdistan is Known to people who like to enjoy some time for themselves.

Directors of Culture and Community Affairs.

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Why do you need a cover for your RV?

Do you own a RV? This is a great mode of adventure and a great thing to enjoy with your family and friends on vacations. However, when you travel through an RV and not on a normal car, you need to figure out certain things to make it certain that you are able to protect your extremely valuable asset in the best possible manner. If you do not take care of the RV, it would soon lose the value and would cost you a lot. It is not all about the external conditions of your recreational vehicles, a cover for RV protects a lot of internal things as well which should not be exposed to extreme weather conditions and direct sunlight. Further, a good RV cover provides you with an extra storage which can be used when you are on a trip with your family and friends.

Are you back from the travel?

No doubt, #1 rv cover supplier would provide you with covers that are very important to protect the recreational vehicle during the travel, but it is even more important to protect the great vehicle when it is parked and not in use! Usually, in December people come back to their homes and park the RV outside. Most people do not have enough space in their homes to park this giant vehicle in their houses or garages, therefore it becomes extremely important to take measures which can protect your vehicle when parked in front of your house.

Unless you are constantly moving, you should make good arrangements for the protection of your rig. There are certain things that you need to do in this regard without which you would not be able to enjoy a comfortable vehicle for a good number of years. Without the proper protection, you would create an atmosphere for your RV which would not only reduce the value but will produce certain problems for you. For instance, the walls and roof of your RV might start getting scratches and cracks because of the UV rays direct from the sun. Although Sun is a blessing when you are travelling through a cold area, but it can turn into a problem when you have parked the vehicle and enjoy a stay. In this condition, you should protect your vehicle from the unnecessary UV rays that can damage the paint of your vehicle and can make it fade away. You should make a purchase from the #1 rv cover supplier to make sure that you are getting the best quality cover for your vehicle.

Things that can damage your RV:

Following four things are most common in causing damage to your RV and you need to make arrangements for the protection of your RV from these things. These include:

  • Wind and air
  • Dirt and dust
  • Moisture from rain and snow
  • UV rays direct from the sun

In order to get an ultimate protection for you RV, you need to purchase a cover from #1 rv cover supplier that can provide you with the best protection against all the above-mentioned things. These things are very important to combat because otherwise your RV would lose the value and will become less attractive and useable. If you want to retain the investment, you need to make it certain that you are doing all the efforts for the protection of your RV. You cannot guarantee the protection unless you have bought the perfectly fitted vehicle cover for your recreational vehicle. There are certain problems that you might face when you park your RV without any extra layer of protection, in the yard or outside your home on the road. It is very important to buy the right product from the right place to get the ultimate and complete protection from different issues.

When you are considering to make a purchase of vehicle cover from #1 rv cover supplier, and you are planning to go for a cover that will remain best to be used under moist conditions, then you should make sure to buy a breathable one. If you buy a product that has no pores in it, it would trap the moisture in it and would create a home for fungus and other things on the surface of the RV. It is very important to release the water which is trapped beneath the cover. If you are unable to do this, you would face certain problems after placing the cover on your RV, especially when it is to be locked down for a good period of time.

Similarly, it is very important to make the right choice when you are trying to avoid the UV rays. UV rays can cause excessive damage to the roof area causing it to get cracks. Some people use old fashioned and universal covers for the RVs which do not provide the ultimate protection. This is not a great idea to buy such a cover which is just to protect the vehicle from dust and dirt. When you are putting effort in covering the vehicle, you should make sure that you are doing this is the proper direction. Otherwise, do not waste your money on the investment and do not make any investment for the car covers. A cover which would not provide protection against the UV rays is nothing but a vague guard to protect your vehicle against the dirt particles.

Use the blank cheque templates free of cost

By blank cheque template, one might feel that this is some kind of scam and fake thing which should be avoided. Well, this is not about forging a financial instrument. These blank cheque templates are used worldwide for certain purposes. The purpose of these blank cheque templates is not to do fraud or mislead people, in fact these templates are used by business for different reasons. One of the biggest reasons of downloading high quality big cheques is for event purposes where cheques are distributed for performance appraisals and promotional purposes. The big template of the small original cheque is a great way to get attention of the viewers. We will discuss the uses of these blank cheque templates downloadable from https://www.realiaproject.org/blank-check-templates/ in detail in coming paragraphs.

Uses of the blank cheque templates:

There are several uses of these cheque templates and few of them are enlisted here:

  • For official uses i.e. for creating exclusive brand cheque books
  • For fun activities especially for children and teenagers at school
  • For learning purposes, to be published in books
  • For informative purposes, to be used in blogs
  • For promotional purposes, used in official events

Keeping in view the above-mentioned uses of the blank cheques, it can be said that there is no fraudulent activity and there is no harm in using these template cheques from https://www.realiaproject.org/blank-check-templates/. As finance and money is involved, care should always be taken and these templates should not be used for wrong doings because the consequences would be beyond the expectations. There are very strict laws for such frauds. You should limit yourself to the authenticated use of the blank cheque templates when you are downloading them for free from the internet because otherwise you might end up facing serious punishments.

Using these templates for learning purposes:

You might have seen certain templates published in books for learning purposes. If you are a mentor and want to teach your students about how to use the cheques and what are the main features of these cheques, you can download the free version of these cheques from the internet and can take several prints to distribute these to the students. You can use these templates to educate the students in following ways:

  • Teach them on how to fill the cheque and what is the importance of every box which is required to be filled.
  • Similarly, you can guide them about the importance of signature with the banks. Its consistency must be explained, and ways should be told on how to keep your signature safe from fraudulent activities.
  • Use the cheque template to educate the students about the process involved in banks
  • Educate them about the validity of the cheque as regard to the date which should be mentioned, because after a certain period of time cheques expire
  • Similarly, you can use templates of different financial instruments to teach your students in an easy manner

Benefits of using the cheque templates:

There are many benefits which are associated with the use of these blank cheque templates. You can always keep them with you in soft form and can use them wherever and whenever you want. These offer real enjoyment when these are used for fun activities. No doubt, a banker can tell the difference between fake and original cheque. However, when these are used for fun activities and you are doing tricks for non-fraudulent purposes, it would be extremely difficult for the audience to differentiate these fake cheques from the original ones. These are easy to take with you and you need not to worry about the space they would take as these can be kept in soft forms and can be printed whenever required.

If you are planning to publish a book related to finance, you might need to show a template cheque to your student. You can easily download such a template cheque from https://www.realiaproject.org/blank-check-templates/ and can print it in your book for as many times as you want. The size, format and shape of the cheque is highly customizable, and you can manage it as per your requirements.

Using these fake cheques for events:

Have you ever attended an event where you saw a big cheque been presented to a person? These are obviously not the real cheques, and these are not either designed by designers. Companies are able to download the template cheques easily from the internet without a hassle and can print them on large scale because of the good quality file. The best part of these fake cheques is that these can be stretched to a good extent without losing the quality of the image. These are best to be used for promotional events, prize distribution ceremonies and annual functions of the offices where appraisals are to be announced. In addition to that, these are used on property expos where large amount cheques are shown to general public in this way.

Things to consider while downloading these fake cheques:

As mentioned earlier, you should be very clear that these fake cheques are not designed for fraudulent purposes and these should always be used for the designated purposes only. You should always keep in your mind that these cannot be used for real purposes as the bank officer would take no time in identifying the legality of the document. Always be safe and use these template blank cheques either for fun purpose, educational reasons or for events.

The best proteins for ketosis

In addition to fat and carbohydrates, protein is one of the three macronutrients in the diet and plays a unique and important role in the body. Here’s a guide to everything you need to know about protein in a keto diet.

The benefits of a ketogenic diet

Choosing a ketogenic diet offers a number of valuable benefits. According to research, a condition of ketosis leads in particular to a significant improvement in blood glucose levels and weight loss. The primary benefits of ketogenic nutrition are the significant reduction in body fat while increasing or maintaining muscle mass. An Australian study showed that obese people lost on average 15 kg over a period of one year. That was 3 kg more than the low-fat diet in the study says http://www.ketosumo.com/.

Glycemic control

A ketogenic diet can lower blood sugar and stabilize blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates are the nutrients that increase the blood sugar the most. Since ketogenic diets are very low in carbohydrates , the blood sugar level remains in balance.

What does protein in your body do?

Protein consists of several smaller units called amino acids. Although your body is able to produce most of the 20 amino acids needed, there are nine that it can not make. These are known as essential amino acids and must be taken daily in the diet. Most keto-friendly vegetable protein sources include most nuts and seeds.

Protein is an important part of every cell in your body. Proteins are broken down into individual amino acids in your body and subsequently supply muscles and other tissues. The protein in your muscles is normally broken down daily and rebuilt. Muscle protein synthesis and new muscle building requires a daily intake of amino acids. By eating enough dietary protein, you prevent muscle wasting and, in conjunction with strength training, help build muscle. In addition, the intake of enough protein can help to facilitate weight control. For example, it has been shown that protein reduces appetite and prevents overeating by releasing hormones that promote feelings of fullness and contentment.

So much protein should you consume daily

Normally, a protein intake of 1.2 – 1.7 grams per kg of body weight is recommended. In a few cases, however, a higher protein intake of up to 2.0 grams of protein per kg of body weight may be at least temporarily beneficial. These include people who are underweight or cure of illness, injury or surgery, and in some cases, people who are physically very active.

If you are near your ideal body weight or very muscular, use your actual weight in kilograms to calculate your protein needs. However, if you are overweight, it is best to use your reference weight or ideal body weight to avoid exceeding your protein requirement.

Per meal, you should add about 20-30 grams of protein to your body to ensure that amino acids are absorbed into your muscles. Decrease the protein intake to 3 – 5 meals.

Getting the right amount of protein does not have to be complicated or stressful.

Here are the amounts of food you have to eat to get 20-25 grams of protein:

  • 100 grams of meat, poultry or fish
  • 4 big eggs
  • 240 grams of Greek yogurt
  • 210 grams of cottage cheese
  • 120 grams of hard cheese
  • 120 grams of almonds, peanuts or pumpkin seeds (other nuts, seeds and vegetables provide a small amount of protein, about 2-6 grams per serving)

Make sure you add healthy fats such as butter and coconut oil for cooking and olive oil for salad dressing at each meal. Nuts and seeds can be eaten with meals or as snacks.

Protein shakes are good alternatives if you can not manage to cover your basic protein needs. Shakes are a simple and healthy way of keto diet. The first step in making a keto shake is choosing the right protein powder.

Protein powders are perfect for a keto diet

You can really simplify your keto lifestyle and save a huge amount of time by replacing some of your meals with protein shakes. If you have no appetite and your main goal is to nourish your body perfectly, you can gain a great deal of safety with a protein shake that you know will cover your nutritional needs.

You’ll be surprised how satisfying a nutritious shake is and how it fits into your new keto lifestyle! With the help of protein shakes, you provide your body with all the nutrients it needs and help it regenerate after exercise. It will increase your stamina and your performance at the same time. In terms of taste, there are no limits to your imagination. For example, you can add ingredients such as cocoa and nut butters to the shake. If you live vegan or vegetarian, plant-based protein shakes are especially recommended. Personally, I prefer hemp protein and whey protein in combination with vegetable fats like avocado.

Whey protein is perhaps the most popular protein supplement because it is particularly rich in amino acids that your body uses to build muscle and other tissues. Many whey or soy protein powders contain some carbohydrates. However, there are also low-carbohydrate protein powders.

The three main types of whey protein differ by the processing method.

Whey protein concentrate is the least processed form of whey protein.. Due to the minimal processing, it retains the health-promoting nutrients that are naturally present in the whey.

Whey protein isolate removes most carbohydrates and fats. Isolates contain about 90 percent or more protein and have a lower lactose content compared to whey concentrate. Another form is whey protein hydrolyzate. When Whey protein isolate is hydrolyzed, larger proteins are broken down into smaller parts. Hydrolysates should therefore be absorbed faster.

The benefits of protein shakes in keto

Almost everyone can benefit from taking protein shakes. High quality protein powders contain a number of beneficial nutrients, including antioxidants and amino acids. Research shows that especially athletes need to increase their protein consumption to achieve muscle recovery after hard training. In addition, supplementing with natural protein powders can increase your energy levels and reduce hunger.

But the effectiveness of each protein shake depends on the quality of your protein powder. So choose high quality products that are free of artificial ingredients.

Everything you need to know about Andarine

Andarine is one of the most popular SARM that is being used by very many people. According to research, athlete, bodybuilders and other people who need to gain more psyche use this SARM. Therefore if you need to know more about this type of SARM before you try it, this article will give you all the essential information that you need. Many people consider reading more about a particular drug before they use it. That helps to avoid adverse effects that can be caused by that drug. At narcoculture, you can know about the benefits of Andarine s4, the side effect caused by andarine, dosage, how it works and much more.

What is andarine (S4)?

Andarine is a drug that was developed by kaken pharmaceuticals with a primary goal of helping osteoporosis patients. After various tests using the andarine, the drug was found to have many benefits, and therefore it could be used for multiple purposes. It was found that andarine is essential due to the properties it has on anti-muscle wasting, helps people to get stronger within a short period, helps one to become fitter, and many more benefits. Due to those benefits, the popularity of SARM increased each day. Currently, andarine is the most popular SARM drug in the market. There are many types of SARM drugs that claim to be the best for bodybuilding, but once one uses them, the drugs do not work best. Therefore if you need to up your game at the gym, you need to consider this excellent SARM.

How does andarine work?

Every human being has an androgen receptor in their bodies. The andarine works through the help of the androgen receptors. The androgen receptors are the ones that break or make the workout routine. When the androgen receptors are influenced by a particular chemical, the work for a longer time than their usual time. Hence when the andarine affects the receptors, they work towards extending the workout period. The androgen receptor can interact with three types of chemicals. Those three chemicals are the modulators, AR antagonists, and the agonists. Now having known how the andarine works, let us consider some of the benefits of using the andarine.

Benefits of using andarine receptor

  • It helps to grow bigger muscles

Athletes, bodybuilders and other people need to have bigger muscles to extend the workout routine. Many people have been attending various gym classes without getting better improvement in muscle size. Therefore by using andarine, the chemical will help you to grow bigger muscles. If you have been longing to get bigger muscles to improve your body shape, you need to try the andarine to get amazing results.

  • Burns fat

Another benefit of using andarine is that it helps to burn fat. Excess fat in a body can lead to severe health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, obese and many others. You need to burn the fat to maintain good health. Therefore the andarine chemical helps in burning fat. According to studies, many people have been trying various workout programs to help them burn excess fat without success. Andarine helps in burning fat because it improves the endurance, and the more you train or exercise, the more you burn the body fat.

  • Therapy for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition that makes the bones to be weak and becomes prone to fracture. The primary objective of the andarine SARM was to help treat this horrible condition. Thus, if you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, you do not need to worry anymore because the andarine chemical can help you.

  • Improves the bone strength

Another benefit of using the andarine chemical is that it helps people to improve bone strength. People who have weak bones are recommended to use this chemical because it contributes significantly to improve bone strength. When the bones are weak, there are high chances of getting injuries. Therefore if you need enhanced bone strength, consider using the andarine chemical for excellent results.

  • For muscle recovery

If you had powerful muscles, but by bad luck, your muscle health deteriorated, you do not need to worry. That is because andarine provides the best result in recovering better muscle health. For instance if you were involved in a condition that affected your muscle health, you can regain back your initial muscle health with the help of this SARM.

Andarine side effects

Although the andarine does not have very severe side effects as compared to the steroids. It has a few side effects. In some people, those side effects are not visible while to others they may be visible. It all depends on someone’s body immunity. Some of the side effects of andarine include;

  • Headache

One can experience a headache after using the andarine. Some of the causes of the headache can be due to the quality of the drug, the dosage, or other factors. Therefore if you need to avoid to reduce the chances of experiencing headaches, ensure you buy the andarine from a reliable shop.

  • Visual problems

Visual problems are another side effect of using andarine. If you use more than 50 grams of the chemical per day, there are high chances of experiencing visual problems. Therefore avoid using above 50 grams of this substance.

  • You have reduced testosterone levels

Without a good PCT supplement, there are high chances of experiencing low testosterone levels. Also, that can happen because of using the chemical without break cycles.

The above-discussed information will help one to know more about andarine.

Everything you need to know about the meat grinders

There are a lot of things that one should know about the meat grinders. To make things simple for you, we have compiled some of the essential information about this type of kitchen equipment. Due to advancement in technology, meat grinders have gained popularity so much. It is tough to visit any hotel and lack this item there. We will also discuss some of the ideas on how to get the best meat grinders for your home or place of work that is because meals made via the help of this item attracts many people.

Let us start with the essential fact about the meat grinders.

Meat grinders are safe to use

Among the many reasons why people love this equipment is because meat grinders are safe to use. Unlike other kitchen tools such as knives that can cause injury frequently, the meat grinder is very simple to use. Therefore if you have been looking for a safe item to use in the kitchen for chopping, cutting and grinding your meat at home or place of work, you do not need to worry anymore. That is because meat grinders are therefore you. If you handle the item very carefully, you will be guaranteed 100 % safety when using. Do not get afraid of using this unique item after seeing the way it grinds the meat. Hence one of the essential facts about the meat grinders is that they are very safe to use.

They are very useful

It is tough to use any other kitchen item to grind meat unlike things such as spoons, knives, and others that can be replaced with other tools. The meat grinder can never be replaced. That is because the purpose of the item cannot be solved by any other. That item is designed specifically for that purpose. Therefore it is clear that meat grinders are essential.

They require maintenance

Another essential thing one should know about the meat grinders is that they require maintenance most frequently. Some of the maintenance required is such as oiling the moving parts, washing the feed tube, and many more. Therefore the grinders need one to clean them after every use. For a more extended life of the meat grinder, ensure the care tips are considered. Things such as the knife blades should be kept sharp all the time to avoid blades bluntness.

They are not expensive

Another fact that people do not know about meat grinders is that they do not cost too much. People have thought that meat grinders are among the costly kitchen appliances. With the development of technology, the price of grinders has gone reduced. Therefore one can be guaranteed the best meat grinders at a low price. You can take your time and visit the nearest stores to determine the current prices for this equipment. The manual grinders cost a minimal amount as compared with the electric grinders.

Finally another fact that many people do not know about the grinders is the type. Many people are used to the manual meat grinders that requires someone to use hands to rotate the grinders when operating. With the advancement in technology, there has been an introduction of new electric meat grinders which have become more common. The difference between the electric and manual emerges on the source of power. The manual grinders use the energy of the person grinding while the other uses the electricity for power. Thus if you need to grind more meat within a short time, it is recommended to use the electric grinders.

The essential things to determine the type of grinder to buy

If you have been looking for the best meat grinder to buy, in always ensure before choosing any of the most rated grinders, check the following;

The types of meat grinder

There are several reasons why to consider the type of grinder you need before buying. That is because we all have different reasons why one would like to buy the grinders. Therefore if you need a meat grinder for commercial purposes, always choose a grinder that will be able to serve your clients more effectively. For instance, if you need a grinder to help you in grinding meat in a busy shop, choose the electric grinder that uses electricity as a means of power. That is because the electric grinders can work at a higher speed and high-level precision. If you want a grinder for home use, you can choose a manual since you need a grinder for family use.


The cost of meat grinder is another essential thing to consider when you want to buy a blender. That is because some are very expensive and others cost moderately. Depending on the amount you have allocated in the budget, let the price range within your budget. Avoid overspending on buying the grinders to avoid future financial issues.

The grinder reviews

The product reviews are critical when one wants to buy a related product. The product review allows the customer to know more about the product before obtaining the product. Therefore before buying the meat grinder, ensure you look for the product reviews from the people who have used it. That will help you to know the pros and cons of the same product and choose the best meat grinders. If you realize that the product is well-rated, you can choose to buy it immediately.

Excel Inventory Template – Do you want to know more about it?

Microsoft excel is a spreadsheet software used mostly for data organization and data management. Inventory Template is one of the tools used in Inventory Management System. Make sure that you look for excel inventory template. There are many options on the internet and you need to find something that goes as per your needs.

There are so many people who are confused about how they can get the work done very easily and this is something very important which one needs to keep in mind. There are many people who really want good results and that can only happen with the help of a good service and once you get the right template and once that happens then the process will become much easier and you will never have a problem. One should know that a template is something that is complete predesigned and that is done to make the job easy f people who need some solutions, one can create new spread sheets and that will help you to get things done quickly if you have a template ready and you will not need to worry about anything else. When you make use of the templates then you do not need to worry about doing formatting or doing math’s or even writing formulae everything is ready and that makes the process much easier. This can help people ae a lot of time and make the process much easier without any issues and hence one needs to go in for excel inventory template.

Inventory Templates makes one get more organized. Data in excel can be calculated by use of formulas or graphical tools and charts. Macros creation and pivot tables can also be used in excel. This is something very important and one needs to get this based on their requirement. The excel inventory template are use widely and many people make use of that without any issues and this is something very important which they need to keep track of. There is lots of choice and that makes the process much easier and you will not have a problem. This is something very important and one needs to have this done if they want the process to become easier with the help of excel inventory template.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is a system designed to oversee smooth flow of all parts and processes essential to stock and supply inputs to organization’s products. This includes all input logistics as aspects of inventory. They are made as per the needs of the customers and some of them are also ready with general requirements so based on the needs one can select the best one, so that the process becomes much easier and you will not have a problem at all.

Are Inventory Templates Beneficial Anyway?

Templates for inventory management come along with many gains for individuals and businesses who use them. Some of these gains include:

  1. View status of inventory levels: Quantities of various items in stock are shown on this template. These are vital for smooth running of operations. This helps a great deal and make the process much easier and that is the main reason why should one make use of this without any delay. They can make the process much easier and you will not have an issue.
  2. Reorder Management: Products for reordering and those to be discontinued can easily be tracked. This is something very important which you need to keep track of and make the process much easier and you will not have an issue.
  3. Business statistics creation: Various conclusions can be made; such as: bestselling products, sales patterns, top suppliers.
  4. Protect your investments: Companies or individuals can locate their stock, equipment, tools, hardware, its worth and the best time to upgrade. This can help in seeking insurance coverage for their properties.
  5. Save time and money: With the templates, there is a lot of time saving and money saving since everything is clearly visible and tracked. Wise decisions on procurement can be made and that can be done with the help of excel inventory template.

Basic Inventory Control Template

This is good for small businesses. This keeps record of inventory by its name,description identification number and unit price. Managing inventory is very easy.

The most commonly used inventory management templates for excel include:

  1. stock inventory control template
  2. food inventory template
  3. asset tracking template

Basic Inventory Control Template

Stock Inventory Control Template

Different businesses have different types of stocks. This can be a stock for retail business or materials for use in manufacturing. Whatever type of business, inventory management is critical in productivity and sales optimization.

  1. identifying stock reorder time
  2. reducing excess inventory
  3. locating items in storage easily
  4. accessing supplier information

Stock Inventory Control Template

This template is designed for tracking food stock. In this template, inventory is organized in terms of food categories like beef, rice, ugali; their quantities and inventory costs.

This template tracks business assets such as equipment for maintenance, computer hardware. This is also for small businesses. It allows one to view quantity and value of your assets, warranty information,supplier information, physical location, and serial numbers among others.

This template is specifically designed for costly equipment whereby it tracks its value, condition and location. It tracks operating costs, depreciation, loan balances among others. There are so many options and based on one needs anyone can.

Home Inventory Template

This keeps track of all home assets for security reasons. The location of the assets are also shown alongside insurance information.

Software Inventory Template

This template keeps track of software and hardware procurement, license expiration and upgrades. Specifically, this template tracks software, by locating where a certain software was installed.License renewal date, supplier and purchase information.

Personal Inventory Template

This template keeps personal belongings in case of natural disaster or emergencies. In this template, categorization of personal items, their condition and value is shown.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Kurdistan

Kurdistan is a spatio-cultural ethnic region spreading over several countries including western Iran, northern Iraq, eastern Turkey and smaller portion of Armenia and Northern Syria. Though not a country, it has been recognized as an autonomous entity in an agreement with the Iraqi Government in 1970, later re-affirmed as such within the federal Iraqi republic in 2005. However, there is a province in Iran, namely Kurdistan, which is not autonomous.


The Origin

The origin of the word “Kurd” is not known, though it is thought to be originated from middle Persian, meaning “nomad; tent-dweller” and the suffix “-stan” is a Persian word, meaning “region”. So, the literal translation becomes-“Region of the Kurds”. Kurds possess their own flag. The capital of Kurdistan is Erbil, which holds great significance as the existence of citadel of Erbil goes back to 6000 years B.C. The official language of Kurdistan is Kurdish. The two main dialects of this language are Sorani and Kurmanji which, in turn, have different variations. As it is a region consisting of people of various states, the people also use Arabic, Turkmen, Armenian and other languages. The dominant religion is Islam. Here, people lead a traditional nomadic lifestyle which has saved them in times of several political unrest and attacks. The population as counted is 35 million which makes it one of the largest ethnic groups in the world. The mountains, both geographically and symbolically, hold a special importance in Kurdish culture as it is often considered sacred. There is also a proverb –“Kurds have no friends but the mountains” which gives focus on the significance of mountains in their life. The north-eastern Zagros and the eastern Taurus mountain ranges are included in this particular region. Most of the region has a continental climate. Firs, willow, poplar, oaks and palm trees along with several other types of fauna have been found here. Important animals include red fox, Indian porcupine, striped Hyena among others.

about Kurdistan

The Reign

From ancient Persians from the east and Alexander the great from the west till the invasion of Iraq by United States in 2003, the region of Kurdistan has been a subject of invasion. After the end of World War 1, the “Treaty of Sevres”, which had been previously formed to decide upon the partition of the Ottoman Empire, was rejected by the newly formed Turkish Republic and the “Treaty of Lausanne” was signed. The new treaty denied the referendum for Kurdish independence. The enforcement of no-flying zone in Iraqi Kurdistan by the Americans after the Gulf War gave freedom to them; however the blockage in supply routes affected the Kurds a lot. In the present situation, the Kurds are involved in the Syrian Civil War, which has been fought for almost 8 years. The Kurds are among the rebels, termed as “terrorists” by Assad. Kurds have been taken up the region which they call Rojava and their primary aim is to gain freedom and against IS. The war is still going on with all its bloodiness and gore with the shame that humans brought upon themselves in order to gain power and identity.

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